"Work harder on yourself than you do on your job" - Jim Rohn

This month I’ve come across a few interesting resources for you. Two of them are resources that can be used, for certain, on a daily basis. The other one is, yet, another resource to help you improve your pronunciation. English is not a phonetic language which makes it extremely important to get the pronunciation down from the start. 

Simple Wiktionary

This is a dictionary for learners of English. I really recommend this one. Throw out the old, thick complicated dictionary and try this one out (ok, maybe don’t throw out the old one).

What are the advantages?  

  • you get a recording of the pronunciation as well as the IPA spelling (International phonetic alphabet)
  • you see the different tenses if the word is a verb.
  • you typically get a descriptive image (A picture is worth a thousand words)
  • you get synonyms or words that are related
  • you get the definition (obviously) and an example sentence
  • you see how frequently the word is used

Here's an example of what I'm talking about with the word 'bring'.

This should be something you use everyday! 

Simple Wikipedia

You’ve heard of wikipedia, right? 

Simple wikipedia is the same idea but for people learning English. The language is simpler: ideas and concepts are explained for lower levels than native speakers so you don’t have to worry about using a bilingual translator for every other word while you look things up.

If you love surfing the web, you can enjoyably get lost in the hyperlinks for each entry and not feel guilty - you're practicing your English. :)

Rachel’s English

This is a website dedicated to American English pronunciation. Rachel's video tutorials are especially useful for people trying to learn the International Phonetic Alphabet. Start with this video.

If you like her style, try to watch a video a day. I promise the investment of your time is well worth it. Also- and I love this- she’s transcribed all her dialogue (or monologue) below each video so you can read along as well. Try listening the first time and the second time read along if you need. 

Let me know if you have any questions or if you like these tips. 


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