It's that time of year again! For better or for worse the beginning of academic school year is upon us. 

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I’m positive you enjoyed your warm, summer vacation and are glad (or really sad) to be back to your regular routine. In today’s blog post, we share some common terms said at school. Learning these can be useful in and outside the classroom. Let’s get started!

When a student doesn’t go to class

  • I think I’m going to skip class today and go to the beach.

  • The last time I skipped class, my dad grounded me from my computer for three weeks!

2. DROPOUT (noun) or Drop Out (verb):
To stop attending school completely

  • If you drop out of college, it will be hard for you to find a high paying job. Let’s go to the library together and study. I’ll buy the coffee!

  • I heard there is a school for dropouts so that they can finish their high school diploma.

3. HAND IN ASSIGNMENT:                                                                                                                      Give your assignment to the teacher for grading

  • Please hand in your assignment before sitting down at your desk. There is a bin near the fish tank that says “homework.”

  • Once you hand in your assignments, we can begin the next chapter of “Natural Energy Sources.”

To engage your mind and think in a serious manner

  • It’s time to put our thinking caps on. We need to find a solution by the end of the work day.

  • If you think you’re stuck in a rut, put your thinking caps on and figure it out!

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Try to develop new ideas

  • Let’s brainstorm marketing designs for our next instagram post.

  • If we brainstorm together, we can build on each others thoughts.

Time to start studying hard

  • I haven’t studied any of the material from this chapter, it’s time for me to hit the books.

  • I want to have really awesome grades when applying to colleges abroad so I’m going to really hit the books this year.

Used to describe someone who reads a lot

  • Collin is such a bookworm, I saw him run into a pole because he was caught up in the new Harry Potter novel!

  • It’s hard to choose a favorite author, I’m a real bookworm. I like reading a little bit of everything.

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Take a test that was easy and pass with a good grade

  • I think I passed that test with flying colors. I was so confident in every answer and finished with twenty minutes to spare.

  • After spending three years in Arizona, I became fluent in English. I passed my English final with flying colors. Now I can become a teacher in Paris!

The teacher’s favorite student

  • It’s easy to see that Claire is Mrs. Angeles’ teacher’s pet. She has more gold stars than all of us combined!

  • As the teacher’s pet, I need to bring an apple for Mr. Vincent’s desk. Those are his afternoon snack.

10. PLAY HOOKIE:                                                                                                                                    When you do something fun instead of going to class or work

  • Do you want to play hookie with me and play a round of golf? I could use a little excitement in my life.

  • Maybe on Friday we should play hookie and have a shopping day! I think there’s a huge end of season sale.

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Written by Caitlin Chavez