Connectors are words that link ideas, phrases, sentences and paragraphs together. If you want to speak at an Intermediate or Advanced level it's fundamental to use the 20 connectors we have listed here:

Used to express contrast

However - (Sin embargo) 

I'd love to go to the beach with you. However, I've already made plans for tomorrow. 

Nevertheless - (Sin embargo

She was very tired. Nevertheless, she kept on working.

On the other hand - (Por el otro lado)

Living in NYC is amazing, with so much to offer. On the other hand, it is one of the most expensive cities to live in and extremely stressful at times. 

Instead of - (En vez de)

I will try to make friends instead of enemies. 

Even though / Although - (Aunque)

Even though he's a billionaire, he drives a Chevy Spark. 

Despite / In spite of - (A pesar de)

Despite being a billionaire, he drives a Chevy Spark.  

*If followed by a verb, it must be a verb+ing

Used to show a result

Therefore - (Por lo tanto, Por ende)

The storm left the neighborhood without electricity. Therefore, many had to depend on canned food for days. 

Thus - (Así, en consecuencia)

She accepted their offer and thus became CEO of the enterprise. 

To show sequence

First of all - (Ante todo, primero que nada)

First of all, I'd like to thank all of you for coming today. 

Besides - (además, también)

Let's go the party tonight because they're gonna have great music. Besides, they have happy hour prices all night long. 

Furthermore - (además)

I don't want to go there, furthermore, I have no time to do so. 

Moreover - (además, es más)

English is very useful to learn, and moreover, it's fun.

On top of that - (además, más encima)

I hate Sushi. On top of that, it's really expensive. 

Order of Importance

Above all - (Sobre todo)

I prefer meat to fish, but above all, I love pasta.


In other words - (en otras palabras, o sea)

She said the movie was a bit predictable. In other words, she didn't like it. 

That is - (Es decir)

I grew up in Argentina. That is, I am Argentinean.


As a matter of fact - (De hecho)

I like eggs. As a matter of fact, I eat them every day. 

Indeed - (de verdad, en efecto)

He is, indeed, a man of his word.


Such as - (como, por ejemplo)

GDP in developing nations such as Bolivia will continue to grow at a quick rate. 

As long as - (mientras que, siempre que)

I'll let you eat Ice Cream as long as you do your homework. 

To sum up - (para resumir)

To sum up, we've had an excellent 4th quarter and our shareholders will be very pleased.

As well as - (tanto como, asi como, y)

You'll be receiving the new Iphone today as well as a complementary charger. 

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