If you're spending time with some North Americans you're definitely going to hear some slang and a few of these informal expressions we use on a daily basis.

Try to listen for these words as well in the next movie or TV series you watch!

1.     What’s up/ Wassup?/ Sup? 

Meaning: How are you? Hey?

Very commonly used to say hello to another person.

  • Hey, what’s up?
  • What’s going on?

2.     Never mind

Meaning: Forget about it or don’t worry about it.

  • Hey, can you pick up some ice on your way home?
  • Hey, sorry but I can't. I'm already on my way home. 
  • Ah, ok. Never mind. I'll go get some later. 

3.     You know what I mean?

Meaning: Do you understand me?

  • I just feel like this job isn't good for you. You know what I mean?
  • Yea, I hear you. 

4.     Come on

Meaning: Encouraging someone to do something

  • I don't want to go to the party tonight. 
  • Oh, come on! Please! It's going to be fun. 

5.     Catch you later

Meaning: See you later. Goodbye.

  • See you tomorrow
  • Ok, Catch you later

6.     Awesome

Meaning: Great. Excellent. Amazing.

  • How was the concert last night?
  • It was really awesome. Great show. 

7.     Whatever

Meaning: It doesn’t matter or I don’t care.

  • She said she doesn't want to talk to you anymore. 
  • Whatever. I don't want to be with her anymore. 

8.     Hang out with someone

Meaning: spend time with someone. 

  • What are you doing Saturday night?
  • Not much. You want to hang out?
  • Sure. 

9.     Dude

Meaning: guy, man

It is also commonly used as an interjection. Similar to the word 'weon' in Spanish. 

  • Who's that dude over there?
  • That's Brian. 


  • I can't believe you did that
  • Dude, stop yelling at me. 

10.     To chill

Meaning: to relax

  • You want to go out to the bar tonight?
  • I think I'm gonna stay in tonight and just chill. Thanks for the invite though. 

11.     To have a blast

Meaning: to have a fun time

  • I had a blast at the party last night. Thanks for inviting us. 
  • No problem. Anytime. I had a lot of fun too. 

12.     I get it/ I got it

Meaning: I understand. I empathize

  • I'm sorry but with what's happening right now I'm too busy to take on this new project for you. 
  • I get it. You're just overwhelmed. I'll find someone else to take the project. 
  • Thanks for understanding. 

13.     Hot

Meaning: extremely attractive

  • Do you like Meghan Fox?
  • Of course. Who doesn't? She's really hot, dude. 

14.     To be hooked on something

Meaning: to be addicted to something

  • I watched Netflix all weekend. I'm really hooked on the Narcos series. 

15.     I hear ya’ /  I hear you.

Meaning: I understand what you’re saying. I empathize.

  • It's not fair. My coworker got a raise and I didn't. I work so much harder than her. 
  • I hear ya'. You totally deserve the raise more than her. 

16.     Cool

Meaning: awesome, great, fantastic

In Chile you say 'bakán' or 'bacán'. 

  • How was your first class with Dynamic English? Did you like your teacher?
  • Yea, I enjoyed it. My teacher seems really cool

17.     Bummer

Meaning: an unfortunate situation.

  • In the end my company isn't going to pay for my English classes :(
  • That's a bummer, dude. What are you going to do?

18.     It’s up to you

Meaning: you choose/decide. I don’t care so I prefer you to make the decision.

  • Do you want to stay in tonight and eat leftovers from yesterday or go out to grab a bite?
  • It's up to you. I could do either one. 

19.     For sure/ Sure thing / Without a doubt

Meaning: definitely, no problem

  • Can you help me out with this problem for a sec?
  • For sure. No problem. 

20.     That’s sick

Meaning: That’s awesome. That’s great/ excellent.

  • Dude, I got the new position as Marketing Director. 
  • Oh, my god. That's so sick! Congratulations! So where are we celebrating?

21.     Wasted

Meaning: really drunk.

  • I got so wasted at the company party and I can't remember anything I said to the boss. I'm so embarrassed. I usually don't drink that much. 

22.     I gotta run (I’ve got to run)

Meaning: I have to leave. I have to go. I’m in a rush.

  • Hey. Can we talk for a second?
  • Not right now. Unfortunately, I gotta run. I'm late for a meeting. Can we talk tomorrow?
  • Sure, no worries. Good luck. 

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