Here, we have 15 common words used a lot when you're hiking/trekking in English. I hope you can accompany us on our next hike!

1. To hike = hacer trekking (to go on a walk through nature for pleasure or exercise)

I love hiking around Santiago.

2. Trail = sendero (a path created when people or animals walk back and forth over the same area)

Follow the blue trail about 7 kilometer until the waterfall

3. Gear = equipo (equipment used for a particular purpose)

I bought all the gear necessary for the 4 day climb.

4. Ranger = guarda del parque (a person who is employed to take care of a state/national park)

The park ranger told us to be careful of the wind on top of the mountain. 

5. Campsite = lugar de camping (a place designated for camping)

The campsite was all full because of the long weekend.

6. Canyon = cajón (a deep valley with steep sides, often with a stream or river flowing through)

The grand canyon is the biggest in North America. 

7. Hill = cerro (a natural elevation of the Earth's surface, smaller than a mountain)

San Cristobal Hill is my favorite place to go biking.

8. Waterfall = cascada (a steep fall or flow of water from a height)

Iguazu waterfalls is the largest waterfall system in the world. 

9. Steep = empinado (having an almost vertical slope)

The hill is too steep for me. I will never make it to the top. 

10. Flashlight = linterna (a small, portable electric lamp powered by batteries)

It's important to keep a flashlight in your house in case of emergencies. 

11. Swiss army knife = navaja suiza (a small knife with blades and other tools)

The swiss army knife is an essential survival tool.

12. Sunscreen = bloqueador/protector de sol (a cream formulated to prevent sunburn)

In Santiago it's important to use sunscreen everyday even when it's cloudy. 

13. Bug spray = repelente para insectos (Insect repellent)

In wet areas it's important to carry bug spray to avoid getting bitten. 

14. Hiking stick = bastón (a stick that is used to provide stability)

A hiking stick is extremely useful especially when going down a steep trail.

15. Tent - carpa (a portable shelter made of cloth)

I love camping in a tent except when it rains.