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Paige: You're listening to Coffee with Gringos. I'm Paige Sutherland.

Mariah: And I'm Mariah Wika. Welcome back to the podcast. So, for all of human time, people have looked up at the sky and wondered what the stars mean, right? And what the universe means... and how it connects to us as humans. Some people think about this a lot more than others, and those are the people that into astrology. Now, Paige and I are not necessarily into astrology, but we're going to try today, we're going to try to understand and as we talk, we'll be talking about different characteristics of people, so listen for those adjectives that describe our personalities and our characteristics. And as always, if you get lost, the transcript and vocabulary guide are on the website to help you out.

Paige: Okay, so to start off, we're gonna talk about zodiac signs.

Mariah: Zodiac signs! Of course!

Paige: Me and Mariah came in very, very novice. We knew the basic surface-level.

Mariah: I will say the last 20 minutes have been enlightening for us. We've learned a lot. For example, Paige and I didn't fully understand what a zodiac sign even was.

Paige: And I'm gonna be honest, I don't fully quite understand it still. But, according to Wikipedia, very, very reputable news site. A zodiac sign has to do with the rotation of the sun and the way that it falls throughout the year on the constellations of twelve zodiac signs.

Mariah: So, the symbols... the animals are constellations. And depending on the time of year... and depending on when you're born and where the sun is hitting in the sky and which constellation is technically being illuminated by the sun... that determines your zodiac sign.

Paige: Exactly, so that's why it's so important that the day that you're born determines your zodiac sign.

Mariah: It's actually pretty cool because I was reading... y'know, during our intensive research process... that this originated centuries and centuries and centuries ago. Like thousands of years ago.

Paige: It's interesting the history, but also, I didn't know that they were constellations. I knew what sign I was, and I knew that there were characteristic traits that fall within your zodiac sign, but I didn't know that I could look up at the sky and see my sign.

Mariah: I know! Cool!

Paige: So, I am Scorpio. What does that mean for you Paige? Scorpio obviously is the Scorpion constellation. It falls between October 23rd and November 21st. So, if there's any Scorpios out there listening... you are the most intense and focused of all of the horoscope signs. Scorpios' energy helps us dive deep, merge our superpowers, and form bonds that are built to last.

Mariah: Form connections. Wow.

Paige: So, if two Scorpios meet, we'll be friends for life. That's what I'm gettin' from that.

Mariah: Wow, look at that! Okay Paige, do you feel like this applies to you. Are you intense and focused?

Paige: I have definitely been called intense.

Mariah: There it is. I think this is our proof. This is our proof that astrology is the -

Paige: I'm just trying to live my Scorpio every day.

Mariah: Yeah, just live your zodiac sign.

Paige: And you, Mariah? What are you?

Mariah: So I'm Aries. My birthday is April 10th, and Aries is between March 21st and April 19th. Obviously. And, according to this very, very reliable astrology website, which, by the way. I'm not completely writing off astrology because there are some people who definitely look to astrology for a lot of things, and clearly I know NOTHING. And so, who knows? I have a lot to learn.

Paige: This episode might change you.

Mariah: This episode could change you. I might become somebody who is guided by my sun sign. Alright, so it says here that an Aries is a trail blazer and a leader... somebody that initiates, fights for their beliefs, and fearlessly puts themselves out there. Puts themselves out there means to take a risk, to step outside of your comfort zone.

Paige: What do you think?

Mariah: That's such a good question. Do I think that this applies to me? I think this sometimes applies to me, but I wouldn't say that I'm a daily trail-blazer, y'know?

Paige: I mean, you did move here from Minnesota, that's something that I bet a lot of people in your town haven't done.

Mariah: Right. Okay, so maybe. Maybe my sign fits. Alright, let's look at some of the other signs.

Paige: And so, Aries is a ram. That is your sign.

Mariah: A sheep type of creature.

Paige: And Aries is the first horoscope, so I think that's where you get the trail-blazing.

Mariah: That's why I'm just a leader.

Paige: Next is the Libra, which is an interesting constellation, its the scales.

Mariah: Right, like to weight things.

Paige: So that falls between September 23rd through October 22nd.

Mariah: Ohhh, so it's a really balanced and steady person.

Paige: They're very peace-driven. They're cooperative.

Mariah: They're more elegant, stylish, graceful. Can you think of a Libra in your life? I don't know any people like this! Just kidding.

Paige: Ummm, a Libra... I have more intense friends than the peace and harmony. It's definitely a good one. I'd like to be a Libra.

Mariah: I wish I were a Libra.

Paige: Next we've got the bull. The Taurus!

Mariah: Okay, the Taurus is a sign that seeks security and helps us to get the job done. So kind of a reliable, provider, somebody that pays the bills, does the taxes.

Paige: So this is a good person to know.

Mariah: Right, maybe a good person to marry.

Paige: Yeah... true. So, Scorpio we know. After Scorpio is Gemini. The twins.

Mariah: Ohhhh. So this person is really communicative. They're collaborative. And they're a little bizarre. A little strange and goofy and wild. Apparently, they're a vibrant personality. So, maybe a Gemini sounds like the life of the party.

Paige: I was gonna say, a Gemini is someone you wanna see on Saturday.

Mariah: Right, Gemini is your Saturday night friend...

Paige: But the Taurus is the one you wanna see Monday through Friday.

Mariah: Yeah, Taurus is your Monday through Friday go-to, and Gemini is your drinking buddy. Okay, then we've got Sagittarius, and the constellation or the star sign for Sagittarius is the archer. Oooh, this is an adventurer! So this is a person that dreams big, takes risks, they're really brave...

Paige: They're fearless.

Mariah: They're a dreamer. They're a fearless dreamer. These are good descriptions!

Paige: Yeah, I feel like I wish you could pick your zodiac because I wanna be the archer with a little mix of the libra.

Mariah: Right... like can't I just combine these? Can I be the Gemini with a side of Sagittarius?

Paige: We've got Cancer, which is the crab. Interesting.

Mariah: This is June 21st to July 22nd.

Paige: So, this person is a nurturer. They plant deep roots, right? So they're someone who is really close to their family and friends.

Mariah: They value community.

Paige: It seems like they're very loyal.

Mariah: Right... this person sounds a little bit more like a home-body, a nester, somebody that...

Paige: Doesn't really travel, likes to stay local.

Mariah: They value comfort, but they make a meaningful home where they are.

Paige: Next we've got the goat.

Mariah: Capricorn, totally. Ah, this is our planner. Our planner. So this person, they understand structure. They probably think more logically and analytically. They're a strategic thinker. They value long-term goals.

Paige: So, this is Dynamic English teachers. All Capricorns.

Mariah: Right, all Dynamic English teachers are Capricorns. Yes. There it is.

Paige: Next, we've got Leo, the lion. Oooh.

Mariah: Oooh, a drama queen!

Paige: So, this one is someone who likes a lot of attention. And they're very passionate. They wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Mariah: Great idiom.

Paige: Meaning they express their emotions very openly.

Marah: Right, so if you see a Leo, you know exactly what they're feeling. Very outward, expressive. Alright, moving on. Aquarius. The water bearer.

Paige: This person looks like a social justice warrior.

Mariah: Ohhh, cool.

Paige: It's someone who, y'know, is very passionate about a cause, maybe a protester for human rights, the environment, or whatever.

Mariah: Neat! I wanna have some Aquarius in me.

Paige: So, you definitely need these people

Mariah: Right, they're innovators, they're creative, they wanna bring people together to fight for a cause. We're nearing the end of our zodiac signs.

Paige: Okay, we've got two more. So, Virgo is the virgin, this person is someone who is focused, takes care of themselves as well as others and the planet, so they're not just selfish, they're also selfless.

Mariah: They're intentional. They do their work well. So, if they have a task, they commit to it. They get it done well.

Paige: They seem very detail-oriented.

Mariah: Yeah and a helper! Like a really intentional helper.

Paige: Yeah, I like the constellation too. It looks very elegant.

Mariah: You all can look it up yourselves.

Paige: Yeah, I can't describe it to you.

Mariah: Sorry, I'm not as selfless and giving as a Virgo, so you'll have to do that work yourself. Okay, then we close it off between February 19th and March 20th with Pisces. The fish. Oh, okay, another dreamer, but also a healer of the horoscope family. Pisces is compassionate, imaginative, artistic, and really does their best to bring us all together. In this wild zodiac family of competing interests, overcompetitive Aries, crazy Geminis, passionate Scorpios... we need the Pisces to keep us united. Those are all twelve!

Paige: The biggest thing that you often here is people who are very passionate about these signs will say they do certain things or someone does certain things because of the personality traits that are catered to their sign. But the other thing that most people like to read about or talk about is who you are compatible with romantically based on your sign. And usually how it works is you're not typically compatible with someone from your same sign.

Mariah: Right, so they have recommendations. For example, I'm an Aries.

Paige: You're only compatible with...

Mariah: I'm most compatible with Aquarius, which is the water sign, Sagittarius, or Libra. So, I'm currently dating an Aries, and I'm doomed.

Paige: Break up. Nope.

Mariah: Things aren't looking good for us.

Paige: The signs are not in your favor. So... you can't. Cut and run.

Mariah: I can't.

Paige: But it is interesting based on these signs, some people take them very seriously, where I wouldn't date Scorpio if I'm a Scorpio. Or, I wouldn't date an Aries if you're a Cancer.

Mariah: Right, and I think that it makes sense that people try to think about personality traits and how they match up and whether it's a good idea, and that being said, I probably won't change my actions just because he's an Aries. Although, I don't know, if he gets to be too much of an Aries, too much of a leader, too bold with his opinions...

Paige: So you are compatible with Sagittarius... have a need for creative, energetic lifestyles, and fulfill each other by keeping busy.

Mariah: Socially and with each other. That actually sounds pretty accurate. That's about what I like.

Paige: Aries can offer Aquarius intellectual stimulation and an adventurous outlook, providing the relationship is equal.

Mariah: You know what makes me laugh? It makes me laugh when people say, "Oh sorry, I'm just such a Leo." You know? For example, Leos are really - look at me I already know all the signs - Leos are really, they're the center of attention right? So, I do have friends who are Leos who definitely are the center of attention, and they love to be the center of attention, and they'll kind of flip their hair and be like, "Oh, sorry, it's a Leo thing."

Paige: It's definitely something people take very seriously. Me and Mariah though are just learning, which I was wrong earlier, I guess me, being a Scorpio, is compatible with a Scorpio.

Mariah: Oh my gosh!

Paige: Normally you're not compatible with your own signs, but according to Cosmopolitan, which is a very reputable magazine in the US, pairing with a Scorpio means one thing... passion. So, I need to find me that Scorpio, and we can just double our passion.

Mariah: Scorpio squared.

Paige: So, according to this article, we can channel into love and positive vibes.

Mariah: I love it.

Paige: I think definitely, I mean, even if you don't think about zodiac signs, when you're choosing a partner, you think about personality traits that clash or are compatible, and these signs just spell it out more of, "Oh! This sign is more peaceful, this sign is more aggressive, they counter-balance each other, they work well." Where you can't have two stubborn people in a relationship or you can't have two passive people. So, the signs, y'know, might sound quirky and strange, but really it's just... are personalities compatible?

Mariah: Right.

Paige: Every sentence I read with Scorpio says the word passion and intense.

Mariah: Look, all I can say...

Paige: I'm gonna be more self-conscious now.

Mariah: is that Paige and passion... it's practically synonymous. Paige the passionate.

Paige: This is my goal. I'm gonna, from here on out, I'm gonna let my passion flag fly.

Mariah: Let your passion flag fly! Wave it, wave it!

Paige: And I'm gonna say, "Sorry! I'm a Scorpio!"

Mariah: Sorry... just a typical, passionate Scorpio moment.

Paige: And you have to let your trail-blazing...

Mariah: I'm just gonna be controlling.

Paige: Control flag fly.

Mariah: I'm just gonna be a controlling leader.

Paige: Yeah. I love it. So, next episode, we are gonna really bring out our zodiac signs.

Mariah: Yes.

Paige: So, watch out.

Mariah: There it is. There it is. Next episode, you're really gonna see who we truly are based on the sun that's within us. Thanks for learning with us today about the zodiac signs, we definitely enjoyed it. Clearly Paige and I have a lot to learn. We also need to do some serious introspection and reflection based on our signs. Maybe you learned something today about your own zodiac sign. No matter what, we hope you learned some vocabulary that will help you to describe people and their personalities. Thanks again for listening, and we'll talk to you soon!


Wonder (verb) - to feel curious about something

Example: For all of human time, people have looked up at the sky and wondered what the stars mean.

Astrology (noun) - the study of how the movement and position of the moon, sun, planets, and other things in space influence human life and the natural world

Example: People who are interested in astrology try to interpret the impact that space has on human life. For example, they may be interested in zodiac signs!

Zodiac signs (noun) - also known as sun signs, connect to the rotation of the sun and the way it illuminates twelve distinct constellations throughout the year. Some people think that zodiac signs help to define our personalities and actions.

Example: My zodiac sign is Aries, so that means I’m a confident leader.

Surface-level (adjective) - very basic knowledge, not a deep understanding

Example: Paige and Mariah only have surface-level knowledge of zodiac signs

Novice (noun) - a beginner

Example: Paige and Mariah are definitely zodiac sign novices.

Reputable (adjective) - well respected, with a good reputation

Example: Paige sarcastically said that Wikipedia is a reputable news source.

Constellation (noun) - a group of stars forming a pattern

Example: Each zodiac sign is inspired by the shape of a constellation.

Originate (verb) - create or initiate something

Example: Zodiac signs originated thousands of years ago.

Trait (noun) - a quality or characteristic

Example: Each zodiac sign has different character traits.

Intense (adjective) - having and showing strong feelings and opinions

Example: Scorpios are said to be very intense people.

Focused (adjective) - very attentive and concentrated

Example: Scorpios are probably excellent students because they’re so focused!

Dive deep (phrase) - to fully explore a topic

Example: Scorpios don’t keep things at surface-level, they’re more likely to dive deep.

Form bonds (phrase) - develop connections

Example: Maybe two Scorpios would be a great combination because they’re great at forming bonds.

Proof (noun) - evidence

Example: Paige is an intense person, and Scorpios are intense… so, this is our proof that zodiac signs are true!

Trailblazer (noun) - a person who innovates and tries new things

Example: Maybe people with the Aries zodiac sign would be great entrepreneurs because they’re said to be trailblazers.

Fearless (adjective) - without fear, very brave

Example: A fearless person makes decisions very confidently.

Put yourself out there (phrase) - to take risks and leave your comfort zone

Example: Paige said that Mariah put herself out there when she moved from Minnesota to Chile.

Scale (noun) - a tool used to weigh things

Example: The Libra constellation is the shape of a scale.

Balanced (adjective) - a person who is fair and emotionally stable

Example: My dad always makes decisions carefully and without judgment - he’s a very balanced person.

Steady (adjective) - stable, predictable, reliable

Example: It’s good to have steady employees because you can trust them to arrive to work on time and always get their work done.

Peace-driven (adjective) - describes a person who is motivated by peace and tranquility

Example: My friend’s a Libra, and she’s very peace-driven. She always searches for a solution with the least conflict.

Cooperative (adjective) - describes a person who shares responsibility and works with others collectively

Example: He’s very cooperative and always tries to involve his coworkers in important decisions.

Stylish (adjective) - describes a person with good style or fashion sense

Example: Her clothes are always elegant! She’s so stylish.

Graceful (adjective) - describes a person who is elegant and sophisticated

Example: She’s graceful because she always knows how to dress and what to say in formal situations.

Just kidding (phrase) - I’m only joking

Example: Can you think of a Libra in your life? I don’t know any people like this! Just kidding.

Paige: Ummm, a Libra... I have more intense friends than the peace and harmony. It's definitely a good one. I'd like to be a Libra.

Collaborative (adjective) - describes a person who works well with others

Example: My business associated is very collaborative and helps us build our network of professional connections!

Bizarre (adjective) - strange, weird, different, out of the ordinary

Example: He loves singing loudly in public and wearing crazy outfits. He’s a little bizarre!

Goofy (adjective) - eccentric, different, funny

Example: My sister can be very humorous, theatrical, and goofy.

Wild (adjective) - difficult to control, showing strong emotion

Example: He always dances on tables at parties. He’s definitely our wild friend.

The life of the party (idiom) - the person who brings the most energy to a party

Example: Geminis are wild and fun. They could definitely be the life of the party!

Nurturer (noun) - a person who cares for the people around them very intentionally

Example: My grandmother is a nurturer. She always makes sure we’re healthy, cared for, and have enough to eat.

Plant deep roots (idiom) - to establish deep, meaningful connections in your community

Example: Cancers really value community, so they plant deep roots.

Homebody (noun) - a person who prefers to spend their time at home, rather than exploring or adventuring

Example: He’s a homebody. He prefers to stay in and watch movies on the weekend.

Nester (noun) - a person who enjoys building a home and enjoying their time there

Example: My sister is a nester. She really enjoys making her home into a very comfortable, welcoming space for her family.

Planner (noun) - a person who carefully plans

Example: She’s the planner in our family, so she keeps us organized and on schedule!

Drama queen (idiom) - a person who is very dramatic and likes attention

Example: Leos are drama queens and often want their stories and emotions to be the center of attention.

Wear your heart on your sleeve (idiom) - to be very open about sharing your emotions

Example: His emotions are very obvious because he wears his heart on his sleeve.

Social justice warrior (noun, informal) - a person who dedicates themselves to a cause, can be used positively or negatively

Example: She’s proud to be a social justice warrior. She fights very hard to protect clean water.

Selfish (adjective) - a person who only thinks about themselves

Example: He’s very selfish and only thinks about his own career and money.

Selfless (adjective) - a person who thinks about the wellbeing of others (the opposite of selfish!)

Example: Her family is very selfless. They always share their home and food with guests.

Doomed (adjective) - destined for disaster

Example: I'm most compatible with Aquarius, which is the water sign, Sagittarius, or Libra. So, I'm currently dating an Aries, and I'm doomed.

Cut and run (idiom, slang) - end things and leave

Example: An Aries shouldn’t date another Aries! Cut and run!

Stubborn (adjective) - determined to maintain your attitude or position

Example: When she has an idea, she never changes her mind because she’s very stubborn.

Quirky (adjective) - different or strange

Example: Some people think that zodiac signs are quirky. Paige and Mariah decided that they’re just an interesting way to try to understand our own personalities.

Compatible (adjective) - when two people or things fit well together

Example: Paige and I learned so that some zodiac sign pairs are more compatible than others.

Let your ____ flag fly (expression, slang) - to show pride for a certain characteristic

Example: You’re a Scorpio, Paige! Let your passion flag fly!