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Paige: You're listening to Coffee with Gringos. I'm Paige Sutherland.

Mariah: And I'm Mariah Wika. If you tuned in to our last episode, you heard us talk about typical scenarios at an airport. If you didn't tune in to our last episode, hit pause, go back, and listen. Because this week, we're talking about hotels. Again, great travel vocabulary, and we'll be doing typical scenarios that you might run into when you're checking into accommodations. If you get lost along the way, the transcript and vocabulary guide are on our website as always to help you out.

Paige: So, to keep it consistent, last time, as you all know you listened to the episode.

Mariah: Right? Our faithful listeners!

Paige: I am going on a trip to Australia, I'm staying at the W Hotel. Mariah is the travel assistant, so she was the representative at the airport, and now she's gonna be the representative at the hotel.

Mariah: So, now I'll be filling the role of the concierge at the hotel.

Paige: Okay, so first scenario... the first thing you do when you get to a hotel is check in.

Checking In

Mariah: Good afternoon! Welcome to the W. What name is your reservation under?

Paige: Last name is Sutherland, and it's just one room.

Mariah: And for how many nights will you be staying with us?

Paige: I will be staying a full week, so six nights. And oh, I cannot wait to sleep. I flew here from Santiago, Chile, actually.

Mariah: Oh my goodness.

Paige: So, I had a layover in Tokyo, the flight was delayed, and now I'm here. So I cannot wait to get into bed.

Mariah: That is such a long trip. Well, we are happy you're here, and I'm sure that you're very ready to relax, so we'll get you checked in quickly, and you can go along with your day. Let's see. Yep, I have a reservation for Paige Sutherland for six nights. Perfect. So your rooms is Room 252, and the elevators - I see that you have luggage. And so the elevators are right over there to your right. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Get good rest! And again, we're for any questions you might have.

Paige: Okay, thank you!

Mariah: Here's your room key. Have a really wonderful stay!

Paige: Thanks.

Paige: So that was your typical check in scenario. So now, after I took a little siesta, after my long flight... I wake up, and I'm hungry. So, I'm gonna go down to the front desk, and I want recommendations, right? Where can I go eat? Where can I maybe buy some things since my luggage was lost? And again, same roll.

Mariah: Paige is the traveler, and I'm the concierge, the person at the front desk helping her out. 

Paige: Okay, tune in.

Asking for Recommendations at the Front Desk

Mariah: Good evening! How can I help you?

Paige: I am starving! I just had a four hour nap, it was incredible.

Mariah: Good.

Paige: And now, I want to get something to eat. Do you have any recommendations of something in walking distance from the hotel where I could grab a bite.

Mariah: Yeah, absolutely. Lucky for you, there are plenty of restaurants nearby. What type of restaurant are you looking for? Do you have a specific type of food in mind?

Paige: This is pretty classic, but I'm very starving, so I was looking for a nice big cheeseburger.

Mariah: Okay, yeah. Absolutely. So, you have a few options. There's a place right down the street. You walk three blocks to the right of the hotel. And then you can't miss it, there's a little restaurant right there that's across from the park, and it's called Al's Cheeseburgers. Very typical, I know. It even has the type of name of a diner, but they have really, really good food. Otherwise, if you're looking for something a little bit more interesting, there's a burger restaurant that does sort of fusion burgers with Thai food and things like that, and to get there, you take the street directly in front of the hotel. It's really close. You go straight for one block, turn left on Johnson street, and the restaurant is on your left hand side. It's a blue building. Again, it's tough to miss.

Paige: You obviously live here, what would be your recommendation?

Mariah: You know, I think that Al's is pretty standard and maybe a little bit boring. I would probably go for the fusion restaurant - the one that's a little bit closer and maybe a bit more interesting.

Paige: Can I grab a beer there?

Mariah: Yes, you absolutely can.

Paige: Perfect. I'm in. So I just go straight, blue building, can't miss it.

Mariah: Yeah. Actually, we have some free maps of the city. I don't know if you have data outside of the hotel...

Paige: I do not. 

Mariah: You only have internet, okay. Perfect. So I'll give you this map. Very old-fashioned, I know. But I'll give you this map around the hotel, and I'll circle both restaurants so that if you want to go back to the other one another night, you can.

Paige: Okay, perfect! And also, I don't know if I told you, I lost my luggage.

Mariah: Ohhhh. I'm sorry. 

Paige: So, after dinner, I wanted to stop at a store and grab a toothbrush, toothpaste.

Mariah: Right, a convenience store.

Paige: Some little things that were in my luggage. Is there one in walking distance?

Mariah: Yeah, absolutely. I'll show you on the map, but if you see right here, there's,  a store... it's only about three blocks away. So, once you leave the hotel, go left for three blocks, and then you'll see it. It's a big box store, and it has everything you could need. It has some groceries, but also toothbrush, toothpaste, things like that. A pharmacy.

Paige: Okay, perfect. Dinner, get all my supplies, go back to bed.

Mariah: Right.

Paige: Well, thank you so much, this was very helpful.

Mariah: Absolutely. Again, we're here for anything you might need!

Paige: Okay, thanks! Have a good night.

Mariah: Have a great meal! Take care.

Paige: Thanks.

Paige: Alright, so that was your stereotypical scenario of asking for recommendations because you don't know the area, what to eat, where to shop... things like that.

Mariah: And now, it's Paige's last day in Australia. Very sad. Her trip is coming to an end, and she just has a couple more requests from the folks at the front desk.

Requesting a Wake Up Call and a Taxi

Paige: So, I just had a quick favor to ask you.

Mariah: Yeah, what can I do for you?

Paige: So, my flight tomorrow is very early, and I'm a little nervous that I might sleep in. Is there any chance that you could give me a wake up call? My flight's at 7, so I have to leave... I have to be up by probably 4:30.

Mariah: Right... I would even say that we should schedule your wake up call for 4 just to give you that wiggle room to arrive to the airport. The airport is a little bit far from here, and so if that's okay with you, well schedule a wake up call for 4. 

Paige: Perfect, I'm dreading waking up, but I'd rather not miss my flight.

Mariah: Better safe than sorry!

Paige: And also, you know, since I'm going to the airport. Is there any way that you can reserve a taxi?

Mariah: Of course! So, we have that wake up call scheduled for 4, and then maybe we schedule the taxi for 5 AM... does that sound good? Or would a little earlier be good?

Paige: Maybe 4:30. I'm going to throw on some clothes, no makeup.

Mariah: Absolutely.

Paige: So I've just gotta get out of bed, get my bags, and I can head right to the taxi. So yeah, probably 4:30.

Mariah: So we'll schedule the taxi at 4:30, and it will just be waiting right out here in front of the hotel when you come down. And you can just wait in the lobby, and that'll be it!

Paige: Okay, thank you! Well, I've really enjoyed staying here.

Mariah: Perfect. I'm so glad that you had a good experience.

Paige: Have a good night!

Mariah: Absolutely. Take care.

Mariah: So, now that Paige is about ready to leave, she's got her taxi scheduled, her wake up call scheduled... there's just one thing left to do... checking out and leaving the hotel.

Checking Out

Mariah: Good morning! How can I help you? 

Paige: I just wanted to check out of my room, please.

Mariah: Ah, yes. Absolutely. Let me check. Sutherland, correct? Okay, perfect. Okay, Paige, so for those five days, I see that you already paid by card online at the time of the booking. But, we do need to pay right now for the expenses of the mini bar and room service because I noticed that you had a couple of meals here at the hotel.

Paige: Oh, yeah. Put it on the same credit card that I used to book the room.

Mariah: Perfect. No problem. Easy. Okay, thank you so much. Alright, we've got that taken care of. Here's your receipt for that, and you ordered a cab this morning for 4:30, correct?

Paige: I did, yeah. Headed to the airport.

Mariah: Okay, well since you're a little early, you can just take a seat right here in the lobby, and we'll let you know as soon as they show up.

Paige: Okay, perfect. Well you've been very helpful this whole trip, so I really appreciate all your patience.

Mariah: I'm so glad that you had a good stay. Take care, and I hope that your luggage doesn't get lost on your trip home!

Paige: Me too. Thank you, and have a good day!

Mariah: Travel safely.

Mariah: So now, over the past two episodes we've reviewed some really useful travel scenarios, right? What to do in an airport, what to do in a hotel... how to make sure that those things go smoothly. So now, you're travel ready for your next trip. We hope that your flights are smooth, that you enjoy your stays at your hotel, and that you don't lose your luggage along the way. Thanks, as always, for listening, and we'll talk to you soon.


Tune in (phrasal verb) - listen to

Example: If you tuned into our last episode, you heard us talk about airport vocabulary.

Hit pause (phrase) - press pause

Example: If you didn’t tune in to our last episode, hit pause and go back and listen to it!

Check in (phrasal verb) - to enter and register your reservation at the hotel

Example: Paige checked in at the W hotel.

Gonna (slang) - going to

Example: Mariah is gonna be the representative at the hotel in the scenario.

Concierge (noun) - the person at the front desk of the hotel who helps the guests

Example: When Paige checked into the hotel, she asked the concierge for restaurant suggestions.

What name is your reservation under? (phrase) - a very typical way of asking who you are so that the concierge can find your reservation!

Example: Hi! Welcome to the W Hotel. What name is your reservation under?

I cannot wait (phrase) - I’m so excited

Example: It was a very long trip to arrive. I cannot wait to sleep.

Oh my goodness (phrase) - informal expression of surprise

Example: Oh my goodness! That’s a long trip!

Grab a bite (idiom, slang) - get food

Example: Do you have any recommendations of something in walking distance from the hotel where I could grab a bite?

I’m starving (phrase, informal) - I’m extremely hungry

Example: I’m starving after the long flight, so I think I want a big hamburger!

You can't miss it (phrase) - You’ll definitely see it

Example: The restaurant is the blue building on the left. You can’t miss it!

Convenience store (noun) - a place where you can buy basic foods and items like a toothbrush, sunscreen, etc.

Example: Paige lost her luggage, so she had to find a convenience store to buy a toothbrush!

Wake up call (noun) - when the hotel calls your room to wake you up early in the morning

Example: I have a really early flight, and I’m nervous I might miss it. Could you please give me a wake up call?

Wiggle room (noun) - extra time

Example: I would even say that we should schedule your wake up call for 4 just to give you that wiggle room to arrive to the airport.

Dread (verb) - to anticipate something with negative feelings

Example: I'm dreading waking up so early!

Room service (noun) - when you have food delivered to your hotel room

Example: Paige was so tired that she decided to order room service.

Cab (noun) - another word for taxi

Example: Paige ordered an early cab to the airport.

Lobby (noun) - the entrance to the hotel

Example: Please wait in the lobby until your cab arrives!