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Paige: You're listening to Coffee with Gringos. I'm Paige Sutherland.

Mariah: And I'm Mariah Wika. Welcome back to the podcast. Today we are talking about your bucket list. Those are all of the things you want to do before you die. Now, that sounds like a really intense topic, but it's meant to be exciting. We're talking about our dreams, things we hope and plan to do. Remember, as you're listening, if you get lost, the vocabulary guide and transcript are on the website to help you out.

Paige: Okay, so to start off Mariah, what does a bucket list mean?

Mariah: Yeah, that was quite the intro, I didn't describe that very well. But I made it sound dramatic. So, a bucket list. The term comes from the idiom "kick the bucket," which means to die. It's a very old-fashioned idiom that means to die. So basically the bucket list means: What are all of the things you want to do before you kick the bucket?

Paige: So, Mariah, tell us... what is on your bucket list.

Mariah: Oh my gosh. Okay, my bucket list... I've been lucky enough to finish some things, but I think it's always growing. A bucket list always changes, there are always more ideas... I think a lot of my bucket list ideas are travel related, but I also have some hobby ones. So I guess I'll give an example of each of those. I would really love to go to Tanzania, to South Africa, to Botswana. I've never been to that part of the world before, and I'd really love to experience it. In terms of hobbies and skills, I have a lot of these. I would really like to learn scuba diving so that I could dive in different parts of the world. I'm a really artsy person, so I want to learn screen print.

Paige: What is screen print?

Mariah: Screen printing... so you know when you see like an image on a t-shirt that's printed in a way, or there are lots of posters... basically it's where you use ink to permanently print an image that you design onto a poster or something like that. So, I just think it looks really cool! I've always been super interested in it. So, yeah! I guess those are a couple on mine. I'll think of more in a second. But what are a couple of things on your bucket list?

Paige: Yeah! So I think similar to you, my bucket list originally revolved a lot around travelling. It's always... I want to go to this country and visit this place! And like you said, I've been really fortunate to do a lot of those things, but when you travel, you just want to travel more and more, and your bucket list keeps growing! I think travel-wise, since I was probably five, it's still on my bucket list to go to Australia. Going to Australia and New Zealand... I mean it's so far and expensive, so that's why I have yet to do it, but I just think it looks absolutely breathtaking... the landscape, it's so far away, I love the accents. The people just seem phenomenal. So that I think will be on my bucket list for probably a little bit. It's pretty far. I think when it comes to adventure stuff, I've been fortunate to do kind of the stereotypical bucket list things of bungee jumping and skydiving.

Mariah: You went skydiving?!

Paige: I did actually...

Mariah: No way.

Paige: Yeah, I went skydiving in Florida, and I went bungee jumping in South Africa.

Mariah: Wow, that's awesome. I don't want to do either of those things. Neither of those things are on my bucket list.

Paige: I'm someone who on a roller-coaster, I don't love that feeling of your belly dropping. A lot of people do. I'm one of those that... I'll go on the ride because it's adrenaline and scary, but I'm terrified on the ride. So, I was very scared when I went skydiving, but it's actually phenomenal. You don't feel the belly drop at all. You just feel like you're flying, which is really cool. Bungee jumping, on the other hand, you feel like your stomach dropped a thousand feet in a second.

Mariah: Ahhhh no thank you.

Paige: And when you're sky diving... you see the ground, but it's so far away, you don't feel like the imminent death. When you're bungee jumping, you just get closer and closer to the ground, and you actually almost reach the ground. So, I was very scared. It was a very amazing experience where I felt like I was on cloud nine after it. But, to do it again would take a lot of peer pressure.

Mariah: As we're talking, I'm thinking of some other things that are on my list. I'm a big hiker, so my bucket list is very tame compared to a lot of bucket lists in the world. I'm not a huge thrill seeker. I'm an adventurer. I love going places. I love trying new things, but I never need to jump from a high place in my life. I just don't feel the need. I'm like, "Oh, it's on my bucket list to ride in a hot air balloon!" You know?

Paige: That's on my bucket list! It looks very pretty.

Mariah: So peaceful and beautiful. BUT, one thing on my bucket list. I'm a big hiker, there's a trail in California. It's called the John Muir Trail. It's about a month long backpacking trail. I would really like to do that. Some people hike a trail called the PCT, the Pacific Crest Trail in California. That's about a three months. That's not on my bucket list yet. I'm gonna do the one month trail first and then see if I want to put the three month trail on my bucket list.

Paige: That's definitely something you have to plan ahead for.

Mariah: Definitely. I mean, let's talk about some things that are typically on people's bucket lists, right? People wanna run with the bulls in Spain, they want to go skydiving, run a marathon.

Paige: Learn a new language can be one... maybe learn how to play an instrument.

Mariah: Right, exactly. Travel is always up there. Because I think that there are life goals, right? Like have kids, start a family, things like that. And I think bucket lists always feel like the the fun list.

Paige: It's definitely more of the extreme things because obviously getting a promotion, getting a house, getting a dog... all of those things are wonderful, but they're things that you probably will achieve, where bucket lists are kind of something where you're like, "I'd LOVE to go to Australia, but who knows!" Hopefully one day...

Mariah: Bucket lists are those crazy dreams, "Okay, what am I going to do to to live my life to the fullest, to have the most fun?" I mean it's a goal of mine to have kids someday, but I wouldn't say they're on my bucket list.

Paige: So, you said, out of your bucket list, you've done a few things. What has been the best thing you've done off of your bucket list?

Mariah: Ohhh that's a really good question! So, actually, it was on my bucket list to hike in Torres del Paine. And I did eight days there and hiked 150 kilometers and saw almost all of the park, and that was a huge bucket list experience for me. I'm really glad I got to check that one off. How about you?

Paige: The best thing I've done off my bucket list... since I went to college, I've always wanted to live abroad, and I think I got a taste of that. I lived abroad for about four or five months in South Africa, but I really wanted to live more abroad for an extended period of time, so I think moving here and being in Santiago and working and having an apartment and really being part of the culture, learning a new language. I think that's definitely top of my playlist.

Mariah: For sure. That's a big thing to check off. Definitely.

Paige: Okay. Next question. What is one of the most exciting things that you want to check off your bucket list?

Mariah: Okay so for some people, this might not be an exciting thing on their bucket list. For some people, they might already be experts. But, I'm a very amateur cook. And I have it on my bucket list to learn to cook a fabulous meal, start to finish... the appetizer, the entree, side dishes, a phenomenal dessert. I'm not talking lasagna. I'm talking a gourmet meal, you know? Where you could invite people over and have a bomb dinner party, and everybody would be like, "Wow, this is incredibly impressive!" I don't need to learn how to do more than one gourmet meal. Just one. Enough to be able to impress my friends and family and then call it a day. But it would be a huge challenge for me. And I think it would be really exciting.

Paige: Well, if you want to practice, you can cook for me.

Mariah: Yeah, I will. How about you, what's an exciting thing that you want to check off your bucket list?

Paige: This is actually something very new that I was looking into. I was doing some research for a story in California, and I was just looking at different cities on the coast, and I feel like driving the coast of California would beautiful!

Mariah: Oh I've done that! It's amazing.

Paige: I've been to several cities, and I've been to them alone, like I flew there just to that city and left, but actually driving from the tip of Washington all the way down would just be so beautiful. I think that's something that recently got me excited to check off.

Mariah: That would be really cool! I've driven from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back along the coast, but never the whole West Coast. That would be amazing. That's a fabulous part of the country. So, obviously bucket lists can be everything from fifty push-ups to swimming with sharks, which apparently Paige did, to learning to cook a crazy good meal. We encourage you to maybe write your own bucket list down in English after listening to this episode. Give it a try, and leave a comment on our website underneath the podcast transcript! Let us know. Let us know what's on your bucket list. And as always, thanks so much for listening, and we'll talk to you soon.


Bucket list (noun) - the things that you want to do before you die

Example: Many people have very exciting things like skydiving or bungee jumping on their bucket list.

Kick the bucket (idiom) - to die

Example: Before I kick the bucket, I want to travel to all seven continents.

Revolve around (phrasal verb) - to focus on or emphasize

Example: My bucket list revolves around travelling.

Belly drop (phrase) - the sensation that your stomach falls, usually on a rollercoaster

Example: I hate roller coasters because I hate the sensation when my belly drops.

To be on cloud nine (idiom) - to feel absolutely amazing

Example: Paige felt like she was on cloud nine after she went bungee jumping.

Peer pressure (phrase) - when your friends try to convince you to do something

Example: Maybe I could be convinced to skydive with a lot of peer pressure, but I’m still not sure

Goals (noun) - objectives
Example: Bucket list things are often less practical than life goals related to career or family.

Several (noun) - more than two, usually three or four

Example: Paige has been to several cities in California, but she’d like to travel the whole coast.

Life life to the fullest (phrase) - maximize your life experiences and enjoy life as much as you can!

Example: What am I going to do to live my life to the fullest, to have the most fun?